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New Leaders Council Fellow - Maggie Bornstein

January 1, 2021

"Maggie Bornstein believes in all-hands on deck people power and that a more equitable Montana is possible."


Abortion bills advance in Montana Senate

February 4, 2021

"The bill faced multiple opponent testimonies, many from women telling their own abortion stories.

“I and other people who have abortions are not scary people,” said Maggie Bornstein, a student at the University of Montana. “I am responsible and deeply loved. It is likely that every single one of us knows someone who has had an abortion, the only difference is that I have chosen to share my story.”

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University of Montana students 'disgusted' by transgender bans

April 15, 2021

"UM Student Political Action Director Maggie Bornstein opened the conference to talk about the ramifications HB 112, and potential subsequent NCAA withdrawal from Montana university championship games, would have on the state."

“We’ve been disgusted by the mischaracterization of transgender community members who deserve to be uplifted and affirmed for the undeniable ways they make the University of Montana better,” she said."


Campus speech bill gives license to discriminate

March 8, 2021

"It is clear that University of Montana students, and the groups they lead and belong to, do not have the will to discriminate. Students want need-based aid, stronger protections in landlord-tenant disputes, better access to mental health care, and much more."


Abortion access in Montana limited despite privacy rights

November 5, 2021

"While Montana and the rest of the country currently have access to abortions, speaker Maggie Bornstein said there is more reproductive healthcare to fight for. The Zoom lecture discussed Montana’s limited abortion facilities and how the future may hold a change in national policy with a now heavily conservative Supreme Court."


Maggie on the 6 Mill

September 14, 2018

"Basically, I am trying to say that the 6-Mill Levy is indescribably important and our state is at risk. Affordable education is not simply the cause of working-class students–it is the cause of Montanans. Montanans who want good teachers for their children and grandchildren; Montanans who want to have public servants who create good jobs; Montanans who want to be treated for illness and injury; Montanans who want clean water and a healthy environment."


Montana Budget & Policy Center Guest Blog: On the cost of being a Griz

August 30, 2018

"When I started school I was determined to break the cycle of the broke college student, but I quickly realized that the odds were stacked against me – those odds being expensive housing, student loans, and low wages. But, the reality is that this norm hasn’t always been true. In 1971, a student had to work just 7 full time weeks on minimum wage to pay for a semester's tuition. This allowed students to attend school full time; ultimately finishing their program quicker, and thus taking out less loans. Today, my peers and I have to work that same job for 21 full time weeks at today's minimum wage – an unrealistic task for any student looking to graduate in 4 years. In the past 25 years alone, the state’s share of funding for Montana colleges and universities has been slashed by more than half. While the state chipped in 72 percent of funding for Montana universities as recently as 1992, that share hit a new low of less than 35 percent after the Legislature’s cuts last fall. At Forward Montana, where I work as a field organizer, we collected over 800 stories last year from young Montanans about how they’re making ends meet. Too many of these stories were about young Montanans having to couch surf or stay at shelters to pay their tuition or dropping out of school when they had a surprise medical bill. We deserve better."

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Rapper XXXTentacion, facing assault trial, cancels Missoula appearance

October 19, 2017

"Bornstein said they would like UM to incorporate a policy on interpersonal violence that could prevent a performer, guest speaker or visiting lecturer who's been accused or convicted of assault from appearing on campus.

Bornstein met with President Sheila Stearns on Thursday and said the president was receptive to their issues with the appearance. Bornstein said it's important that safety is "covered on all bases and they're held to the standards that they themselves have created," especially during the transition to a new administration."


Halloween’s about to get lit, for better or worse

October 16, 2021

"In light of his troubling past, some people on campus feel that the Adams Center should not have booked the 19-year-old musician. Students Maggie Bornstein, Madeline Simko and Sky Gennette began organizing a protest a few days after tickets went on sale. The protest will occur on the same day as Halloween Lit Party."

“We feel that XXXTentacion's long history of violence, especially that against women, does not align with our personal values, those values of the university and the values of Missoula,” Bornstein said."

"The students are holding meetings on Tuesdays in the UC commons throughout the month to plan the protest and discuss the issue of domestic violence with other community members. They are also trying to create media content that brings awareness to the connection between domestic violence and mass shootings."

“We are hoping that anyone who respects women finds themselves there,” Bornstein said.