After years of working towards change in our community, I'm ready to be your champion in Helena. From my background in the non-profit sector to my experience navigating Helena's hyper-partisanship, I am a proven problem-solver with a deep understanding of our community's needs.
I am committed to working to make state government work better for everyday Montanans like you by listening to you.



Fighting for working class families

Montana's regressive tax structure denies working families a fair shot. Through federal relief programs, we learned of the tangible benefits cash relief made in the lives of families in Montana. I am dedicated to ensuring that Montana's highest earners pay their fair share and that our state delivers relief programs to families.

Increasing access to affordable housing

Formerly the lead advocate for families experiencing homelessness at the YWCA of Missoula, I intimately understand our housing crisis. I believe in empowering municipalities in adopting progressive zoning policy, investing in the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and advocating for community land trusts.

Ending food insecurity

Montana can do better than the high rates of food insecurity that exists in Missoula County today. In Helena, I will work to cut through the red tape that prevents our neighbors from being able to use Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and increase funding to our statewide Double SNAP program to bring fresh food to all Montanans and support local farmers.

Defending human rights

I am committed to protecting every Montanan's human rights and dignity. Having spent time on staff at the Montana Human Rights Network, I have the experience and commitment to human rights to cut through the extremism in Helena to protect the rights of all LGBTQ2S and marginalized Montanans.

Expanding affordable childcare options

Far too many Montana families are backed into a corner due to a lack of childcare options. In Helena, I will work tirelessly to create state investments in childcare to meet the dire need and create living-wage jobs.

Protecting choice & reproductive rights

Every Montanan in need of abortion should have access, no matter where they live or how much money they have. Despite Montana's strong judicial precedent of protecting choice, the anti-choice movement made significant gains during the 2021 legislative session. My dedication to protecting and expanding reproductive rights is personal, and I will work to ensure that rural and low-income communities are not excluded from their legal right to abortion.

Standing in solidarity with tribal nations & Indigenous people

It is critical that the Montana legislature not only upholds and expands tribal sovereignty of the Indigenous peoples who have long stewarded Montana, but invest in Indigenous-led solutions to the greatest threats in our state. From grassroots work to combat the crisis of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls (MMIWG) to being on the forefront of mitigating climate change, Indigenous people continue to lead our state. I will fight to expand state grant opportunities for community-led solutions by Indigenous people and other communities that are most directly affected by issues such as domestic violence, food insecurity, climate change, and more.

Ensuring healthcare for all neighbors

Our communities are stronger when we have access to quality healthcare, including access to mental health services. I will oppose any cuts to Medicaid expansion to keep Montanans covered and to keep rural hospitals and clinics open. To address mental health service gaps, we must maintain the Comprehensive School and Community Treatment program, adopt a robust suicide prevention program, and increase the number of chemical dependency screenings covered by Medicaid so that people can get the most appropriate level of care.

Being a voice for Montana's natural heritage

Montana's vast public lands deserve someone who will stand up against private interests. In Helena, I will be a voice for our wildlife and wilderness for the next generation.

Making Montana a leader in standing up to climate change

Montana's viability as a leader against climate change is palpable. I believe in a just transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy sources to create living-wage jobs and a clean and healthy future for all. Investments in renewable energy will contribute to a more economically prosperous Montana, but it is paramount that legislators hold energy monopolies like Northwestern Energy accountable to everyday Montanans.

Ending an epidemic of domestic & sexual violence

Every Montanan deserves to live free of violence and fear. The leading cause of homelessness among women, and in turn their families, is domestic & sexual violence. Indigenous women & girls are disproportionately more likely to be affected by this violence. In the legislature, I will approach increased access to affordable housing through this lens and support more state support in developing transitional housing. I also believe in strengthening legal protections for survivors whom themselves are involved in the criminal justice system, which often creates hesitancy and fear in accessing services. Furthermore, to develop culturally-competent means to stopping this epidemic, we must invest in grassroots solutions led by Indigenous people by creating grants for Indigenous groups & community members who best understand the need within their communities.

Strengthening unions & supporting a living wage

As the daughter of a union member, I believe that unions are vital to bettering the quality of workers' lives and in turn, our state. I will stand in solidarity with union members of Montana and their pursuit of better working conditions. All Montanans, no matter if they work in fast food or tech, contribute to our communities beyond measure. Every Montana worker deserves a dignified living wage and I will work to make it easier for working Montanans to get by.

Honoring our seniors

Seniors have been important stewards of Montana and yet, face uncertainty in the face of rising property taxes and cuts to the Department of Public Health & Human Services. We all owe a great debt of appreciation to our aging neighbors and will support opportunities to provide relief to seniors and invest in programs that support their quality of life.

Offering quality public education

As the daughter of a public school teacher and having attended public schools my entire life, I remain loyal to the cause of providing quality public education in Montana's K-12 schools and public colleges. I will support efforts to maintain the power of local school boards and increase the wages of Montana teachers. Further, I believe in growing the diversity of programs offered at public institutions to create living-wage jobs and retain Montana graduates in our state.

Listening to you & making community-driven decisions

When elected, you can count on me to listen to you and vote in your best interests. I will be a transparent, accessible, and open-minded representative for House District 96.